Request Prayer

Need prayer? We'd love to pray with you and for you. Click the button below to submit your prayer request, which goes directly to our Prayer Team. They address every request received.

Care Ministry

We are caring for people throughout the year. When people are need, we want to be there.

The Care Team provides ongoing support to people experiencing a life event or crisis.

We connect with people through some of the following ways: phone calls to assess needs, providing meals and support, home and hospital visits to those who are ill or shut in, support during a loss, memorial services, and more.

Natural Disaster Response

Have you experienced damage due to natural disasters, or need non-emergency help?

We want to come alongside you for support. Fill out the form below to provide more information to our task force team, and we'll get back to you!

Do you want to help with Natural Disaster response?

We're gathering interest for those who may want to join or lead in this new task force. We want to form a group of individuals who are willing and able to come alongside our church members and meet the unique needs they might have during this season of storms.

We'd love to hear from you! Do you own a truck, or own tools and equipment that might be helpful? Are you experienced in construction, fence repairs, household repairs (roofing, leaks, electrical, etc). or just able-bodied and willing to jump in and help? Please submit your interest and we'll get back to you!