Susie is a pastor, speaker and reconciler. She is Canadian by birth, Korean by heritage, Mexican by marriage, and American by immigration, but above all she is a Kingdom citizen. Susie is passionate about matters surrounding justice, equity, reconciliation, and the Gospel which encompasses it all.

Born in Toronto, raised in Vancouver, Susie moved to Los Angeles after college. Thinking she might pursue a career in journalism, she got a degree in Communications and Sociology. In her last year of college, she attended a college missions conference called Urbana, and sensed God calling her into full-time ministry instead. Susie and her husband Marcos started dating while they were students at Fuller Theological Seminary, where they both got their M.A. in Intercultural Studies. They decided to fully commit to the “intercultural life” by getting married and having 4 beautiful children together. After serving as a youth/young adult pastor and church planter in South Central L.A. for 14 years, Susie continues to preach around the country and now serves as Teaching/Preaching pastor at Midtown Church.