Volunteering to make church happen

Get involved at Midtown Church!

We're excited to serve with you! There are lots of fun ways to get involved and volunteer with Midtown Church: greeting, teaching kids, assisting with audio/visual, taking photos, helping with security, and more.

Pray about where God is leading you to serve, and give your 100%. Everyone's 100% looks different, and that's awesome! Whether you can give one hour per week, or one hour per month, what matters most is that we're each giving our 100%.

Read on for more information.

Serve Opportunities

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See where you fit in!

If you have a gift that isn't listed below, don't let that stop you! We always have a variety of ways that you can get involved.

Stage Manager

The stage manager is the behind the scenes captain on Sunday, ensuring that all things on stage and in the sanctuary happen according to plan. If you possess the following strengths, we want you!

  • time management
  • team leadership
  • detail oriented
  • comfortable calling the shots
Kids Ministry

In Kids Ministry, we serve during Sunday services, or occasional mid-week events. We have a variety of ways you can help, whether it’s behind the scenes or working directly with the kids! You can assist with check-in, greeting, leading small groups, caring for babies in the nursery, assembling curriculum, and more!

  • Our area of most need right now is during Sunday services, either at 9:00am, 10:30am, or 12:00pm, but particularly at 9:00am.
  • Our volunteers serve one service, and attend a service!
Ushers and Greeters

Our ushers and greeters are the friendly faces that welcome you and help you find get settled in on Sundays!

  • Greet people, smile, and make everyone feel welcome
  • Help direct people to their seats, control traffic flow, and assist guests with their needs
Social Media

Do you love God, and love sharing about him on social media? Our Communications team would love to meet you! We have opportunities for you to be a “social media reporter” for church services and events, with our main need during Sunday services (at either Elk Grove and Sacramento campuses).

  • fluent in use of Instagram stories, Reels, Instagram Live, and Facebook live
  • strong interpersonal skills and confidence in approaching people and starting conversations
  • have a keen eye; be observant and curious
  • strong verbal and written communication
  • ability to understand the Sunday sermon, extract key points, and convert that information into shareable, digestable content
  • graphic design, videography, and photography skills are a plus!
  • available on Sunday mornings
  • team player
Photographers and Videographers (Social Media)

Do you have a strong background in photography, video filming, or video editing? Join our Communications crew! We have opportunities for you to document for church services and events, with our main need during Sunday services (at either Elk Grove and Sacramento campuses), and occasional mid-week evening ministry events.

  • own your own camera, lenses
  • visual storytelling ability
  • team player
  • excellent interpersonal skills and ability to approach subjects and have conversations
  • Photographers:
    • proficiency to shoot in manual mode, capability to shoot in RAW
    • access to Lightroom, and skill to edit photos in Lightroom with quick turnaround times
    • Experience doing documentary photography or shooting events
  • Videographers:
    • excellent filming skills (focus, lighting, exposure)
    • self-starter, needs little direction
    • proficiency in capturing audio
    • keen eye and a knack for visual storytelling and identifying key moments to capture
    • ability to provide footage to editing team within a quick turnaround
  • Video Editors (social media content)
    • Knowledge of video specs required for all social media platforms
    • Skill in making short-form content (ie <60 second Reels)
    • team player
    • outside-of-the-box thinker, trendsetter, on top of your social media game